Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site. I hope you enjoy looking at some of the projects we’ve undertaken over the past years. A wood worker all of my life, I got started into the hardwood flooring trade in 1987. I was fortunate to learn the trade from a perfectionist, a true craftsman. I was fascinated with all of the different hardwood species.

As my own skills were honed, I looked for increased challenges with borders, inlays, radiuses and geometric designs. Diligence Woodwork & Design was born in 1993. Since that time we’ve served an area from Fresno to Eugene, Oregon and as far east as Wyoming. Though we concentrate our work area from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border, we travel most anywhere the phone rings if the project calls for our expertise and artistic touch.

Often while working with a client we are asked if we can trim out this or that, tie up a few loose ends their finish carpenter left behind or tackle a project the contractor didn’t feel comfortable undertaking. This has given us the opportunity to flex our design and building abilities. We always appreciate a good challenge and a change of pace. If your project calls for such a hand, we may just be the ones you need to land it.

From the most basic floor installation or refinish, to our hand-cut borders, inlays, winding staircases and custom cabinetry, surround yourself with the superior craftsmanship that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Our team, with over 50 years of woodworking experience, delivers a consistent level of quality with superb attention to detail.

Whether your project is straight forward or calls for a custom touch, contact us for a free estimate and see how we can design and build your dreams affordably,

Contact Information:
South Cox
1850 Riverbar Rd.  Fortuna, CA. 95540  
Office - (707)
-768-9663 ...Fax - (707)-768-9664 


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